All flights and guest rooms will be paid for by Ideal Protein

In order for your flight to be covered, you must book with Ideal Protein's Corporate Travel Agent Sandrine by completing the form below:
Important Deadlines:
BOOK your HOTEL by October 4th
BOOK you FLIGHT by October 14th
Should you choose to extend your stay, upgrade your flight or book a flight outside of the suggested rates you will be asked to pay the difference prior to travelling.
Should your travel information change at anytime, you experience weather delays at the airport or can no longer attend the event please contact Sandrine directly to coordinate arrangements as soon as possible. 

delays or cancellations:

Contact Sandrine Bertrand-Falet as soon as you become aware of any delays with your flight.

  • 514-439-8261 Extension 221 (during business hours)
  • Dial 1 (during non-business hours for immediate assistance)
  • Email: