Welcome to the REGIONAL CLINIC DAY Request Page

Each Clinic Day request must be completed using this platform.

Before you begin, please review and complete the following steps to collect the necessary information to properly submit your request:


Find 1-2 hotels in your territory. The hotel must fit within the parameters below:

  • 3 Star Chain
  • Meeting room that can fit :
    • Classroom set up for 40-60 guests with 10 chairs along back wall
    • Podium and projector screen in front of the room with enough space for the presenter(s) to walk
  • Combined costs should be under $1,500
    • Meeting room rental
    • Projector and screen with cable package
    • Flip Chart - if required for your meeting
    • Coffee/Tea Service for 40 ppl (approx. 3 gallons of coffee/1 gallon of tea)
    • Free parking (ideal/not mandatory)
    • Free wifi (ideal/not mandatory)


Contact the hotel to confirm that they have availability for your event size and dates
Fill out the Request Form by selecting Request Form from the tabs above.
The events department will review requests and will contact you with questions/event approval/confirmation within 7 business days of the request.
  • Event Location (City, State/Province)
  • Preferred Date no 1
  • Preferred Date no 2
  • What Topics you want to present
  • AM or PM slot or both?
  • Hotel Information for each hotel
    • Hotel Name, address and website
    • Hotel Contact name and number
    • Name of meeting room - is it on hold?
    • Are the dates available?
The Regional Clinic Day Registration Page information will follow once the event is confirmed and the contract is signed. Expect up to three weeks for this process to be completed.

Standard Meeting Room Set up

  • Classroom style set up for 40-60 people
  • 10 chairs along the back wall
  • Podium at the front of the room
  • Flip chart (if required for your training)
  • Projector and screen
  • When possible, a pen and paper at each place setting
  • 1 - 6ft Registration table in foyer + 2 chairs
  • Coffee/tea and water station inside the room (if not enough room, it can be placed outside of room)
  • Once depleted coffee/tea will not be replenished

Event Timing

When booking your event you will have the option to select to host an AM meeting, a PM meeting or both. Timing below will apply for all events.

Deviations from these times will NOT be permitted to ensure consistency amongst all events.

AM Meeting Times:

  • 7:00am  - Host (RVP/NBA) has Access to Room to Set Up
  • 7:30am - Coffee /Tea Service Begins 
  • 7:45am - Welcome/Registration Opens
  • 8:00am - Event Begins
  • 12:00pm - Event Ends

PM Meeting Times:

  • 12:00pm  - Host (RVP/NBA) has Access to Room to Set Up
  • 12:30pm - Coffee/Tea Service Begins
  • 12:45pm - Welcome/Registration Opens
  • 1:00pm - Event Begins
  • 5:00pm - Event Ends
***** You can cut and paste the meeting room set up and times into an email for the hotel when doing your search****


Notes from the Events Department:

  1. Upon submission of your request, the events team will contact the hotel and request a contract
  2. Once all details are confirmed and the contract is signed, approval details will be sent to the RVP/NBA/Host
  3. A unique registration page will be created for each event – The RVP/NBA/Host will receive the registration link and will be required to share and promote within their clinics/consultants.
  4. The event will be added to the RVP/NBA events calendar 
  5. The host will receive a live link to access the registration report.
  6. One week out the RVP/NBA/Host will receive an information package about the event:
    • Updated registration list
    • Hotel information
    • Hotel on-site contact information
    • Meeting room name
    • Details about coffee/parking/wifi
  7. Significant changes to the registration list that are made 7 days prior to the event will need to be flagged by the RVP/NBA/Host so that room set up and coffee/tea can be adjusted accordingly.
  8. 3 business days before the event, all registered guests will receive a confirmation email with event details
    • We recommend that the RVP/NBA/Host and all consultants register for the event so that they can also receive these communications.

Event Cancellation

If registration numbers are below 15 guests, or 3 or less clinics, the event will be cancelled.

The host will receive notification and it will be their responsibility to notify the guests directly.


Other Important Information:

  • Max capacity for each event is 60. Place a special request with events@idealprotein.com if you wish to increase this number and ensure that the meeting room can accomodate an increased number of guests.
  • Host/RVP/NBA's are responsible for the following:
    • Mailing list
    • Product samples
    • Event handouts
    • Badges
    • Registration table
    • Arriving early to ensure that everything is ready/welcome guests
    • Bringing a laptop to facilitate the training
  • Host and guests will be responsible to book their own hotel room if required.