Each training request must be made using this platform.

If registering multiple requests, please register one training per form submission.


Before you begin, please review and complete the following steps to collect the necessary information to properly submit your request:


Find 1-2 hotels in your territory. The hotel must fit within the parameters below:

  • 3 Star Chain recommended (4*+ may not fall under budget)
  • Meeting room that can fit:
    • Classroom or 1/2 Crescent Round table set up for your anticipated number of guests
    • Projector and screen in front of the room with enough space for the presenter(s) to walk
  • Combined costs should be under $1,000 to 1,500 US
    • Meeting room rental
    • Projector and screen with cable package
    • Flip Chart - if required for your meeting
    • Morning Coffee/Tea Service for XX number of guests (1 gallon = approx. 20 cups)
    • Free parking (ideal/not mandatory)
    • Free wifi (ideal/not mandatory)
    • State Tax
    • Service Charge (ranges between 20 and 25% on average)

If your event comes in above budget, please reach out to your RVP for approval before submitting your request.


Contact the hotel to confirm price and availability for your event size and dates
Request a contract or agreement and Credit Card Authorization Form for your event.
Contract and invoices must have the following information:

US Paperwork:

Ideal Protein of America Inc. | 3135 SR 580 Suite #5, Safety Harbor, FL, 34695

CAD Paperwork:

Laboratoires COP Inc. | 60 rue Jean-Proulx, Gatineau, Quebec J8Z 1W1


**More than 50% of the clinics in your geographic location need to attend. Please check dates with key clinics before booking to ensure optimal attendance. **


Contact your RVP for approval.
Fill out the Request Form by selecting Request Form from the header tab above.
The events department will review requests and will contact you with questions/confirmation within 5 business days of the request.
  • Event Location (City, State)
  • Preferred Date no 1
  • Preferred Date no 2
  • Event Host Name (and Co-Host, if available)
  • Hotel Information for each hotel
    • Hotel Name, address and website
    • Hotel Sales Contact name and number
    • Name and location of meeting room
    • Maximum capacity for the meeting room
    • Quoted Costs
    • Hotel Contract or Agreement
    • Event Cancellation Deadline
Send the following files HERE:
  1. Electronic copy of the hotel contract or agreement and credit card authorization form
  2. Email thread with costs listed - provided by hotel
  3. Guest list in excel format (make sure that you and your team are included in this list)
The Registration Page and Event Invitation information will follow once the event is confirmed and the contract is signed. Expect up 7-10 business days for this process to be completed.

Standard Meeting Room Set up

  • Classroom or 1/2 Crescent Round Tables set up for 40-60 people
  • Podium or cocktail table at the front of the room for the laptop
  • Flip chart (if required for your training)
  • Projector and screen
  • When possible, a pen and paper at each place setting
  • 1 - 6ft Registration table in foyer + 2 chairs
  • Coffee/tea and water station inside the room (if not enough room, it can be placed outside of room)
  • Once depleted coffee/tea will not be replenished

Event Timing

When booking your event you will have the option to select to host an AM meeting, a PM meeting. Timing below will apply for all events. Deviations from these times will NOT be permitted to ensure consistency amongst all events.

AM Meeting Times:

  • 7:00am  - Host (RVP) has Access to Room to Set Up
  • 7:30am - Coffee /Tea Service Begins 
  • 7:45am - Welcome/Registration Opens
  • 8:00am - Event Begins
  • 12:00pm - Event Ends

PM Meeting Times:

  • 12:00pm  - Host (RVP) has Access to Room to Set Up
  • 12:30pm - Coffee/Tea Service Begins
  • 12:45pm - Welcome/Registration Opens
  • 1:00pm - Event Begins
  • 5:00pm - Event Ends

Notes from the Events Department:

  1. Upon submission of your request, the events team will review, sign the contract and provide payment information to the hotel.
  2. Once the contract is signed and returned to the hotel a confirmation will be sent to the RVP/Host
  3. A registration page will be created for each event
  4. The RVP/Host will receive the registration link and will be required to share and promote within their clinics. If a guest list has been provided, an invitation email will go out to all invites
  5. The RVP/Host will receive a live link to access the registration report.
  6. Please allow for sufficient planning and registration time for your event
  7. The RVP/Host will be responsible to sign the Banquet Event Order provided by the hotel (this outlines all of the event details and timing) See sample HEREThey will need to ensure that all event details are accounted for.
  8. 5 Business days prior to the event, the RVP/Host will need to confirm the final guest count with the hotel (please use your registration report to source these numbers and expect a 10% no-show rate)
  9. Significant changes to the registration list that are made 5 days prior to the event will need to be flagged by the RVP/Host so that room set up and coffee/tea can be adjusted accordingly.
  10. 3 business days before the event, all registered guests will receive a confirmation email with event details. Sent by Head Office.
  11. Should you decide to ship anything to the hotel, note that most hotel's only accept packages 3 days prior to the meeting date. You may risk the hotel shipping your items back if they arrive too early.
  12. Meals or food will not be provided at the event. Only coffee/tea service will be made available.
  13. Look outside of the box! if a hotel cannot accomodate there are school facilities, libraries, museums, rec centers and other great locations that have the logistics to host your meetings,
  14. It is the hosts responsability to ensure that the meeting room is adequate for the number of guests attending, please keep a close eye on the registration list as the event approaches. If the registration is over the meeting room capacity, the host can do one of two things:
    1. Change the room set up to Theater style - this will allow for the room to fit more guests
    2. Change venues (as long as the current hotel contract permits us to do so, without penalty)

We recommend that the RVP/Host and all Field staff register for the event so that they can also receive all event communications.

Event Cancellation

If registration numbers are 15 guests or less (not including staff), the event host will be responsible to cancel or postpone the event to a later, more convenient date.

The host will be responsible for ensuring that registration numbers are aligned and will notify the Events Team if the event needs to be cancelled.

The host will be responsible for cancelling/postponing the event with the hotel and the Events Team will send out a cancellation email to all registered guests. 

Other Important Information:

  • Hosts/RVP's are responsible for the following:
    • Sourcing Hotel/meeting space
    • Mailing list to the events team to promote event
    • Full coordination with hotel to ensure that all details are requested and confirmed
    • Ensuring that the event is within budget
    • Tracking Attendance
    • Providing final numbers to the hotel 5 biz days before the event
    • Product samples (if required on-site)
    • Event handouts (if required on-site)
    • Badges (if required on-site)
    • Registration table staff (if required on-site)
    • Arriving early to ensure that everything is ready/welcome guests
    • Bringing a laptop to facilitate the training
  • Host and guests will be responsible to book their own hotel room, if required.

Sample Emails that can be used to coordinate your event:

SAMPLE HOTEL REQUEST EMAIL (once you have called the hotel)

SAMPLE HOTEL CONFIRMATION EMAIL (to confirm the banquet event order)